Spring 2017
Mobile app for controlling YouTube playback speed, built with React Native
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D3 Vornoi Experiments
Summer 2016
Various experiments with voronoi and boids
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Realtime Infrastructure
Summer 2015
Methodology and sample code used for handling a realtime chat infrastructure that can support 100,000 connected clients sending 10,000 messages per second
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D3 Experiment - Blur
Fall 2015
Uses SVG filter blur effects and masks to create a frostesd glass effect
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Spring 2015
Sgira is an experimental browser based final-fantasy battle styled combat game
Hand-Drawn Visualization
Summer 2015
Experiment with SVG filters to create a hand-drawn effect
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Winter 2013
Simple web game created with Javascript using the Entity-Component-System paradigm
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Fantasy Map
Winter 2012
World map using hand-drawn textures to create a fantasy aesthetic. Uses MapNick, TileStashe, and Natural Earth data.
Story Generation Engine
Winter 2011
A work in progress story generation engine using bottom up, character driven actions / reactions combined with top down plot generation to create a character motivated story.
OpenLayers Architect
Summer 2008
Generate code for creating OpenLayers maps. From Google Summer of Code '08
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